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Brie Willey


B or Mama Brie. In Costa Rica it's Amanda or Queso.

Trek Travel Role:

Guide Services Manager | Guide

My Passion:

Interacting with people and hearing thier stories, traveling the world, creativity & design, cycling & being outdoors, discovering local flavors & cold brews, spending time with my incredible friends & family.

My Favorite Ride:

My first official ride on a road bike, training for Indiana University's famous Little 500 race. Those beautiful Bloomington, Indiana hills were brutal yet amazing all at the same time!

In My Previous Life:

I was in TV sales for a few years out of college before transitioning to jewelry design alongside my amazing mother, thinking that would get me on the right track utilizing my Fashion degree and love for design. Little did I know, I'd end up heading in a completely opposite direction to combine my love for people, travel and cycling...I can't picture a better fit!


BA - Fashion Design, Indiana University - Bloomington AS - Costume Construction Technology, Indiana University - Bloomington

Guiding Since:


Current Home:

Madison, Wisconsin


English & Pig Latin

My Rides:

7 Series Madone for the road, a District for around town, and a newly added matte-purple Farley fat bike for snow, trails and frozen lake riding, a must have in Madison, Wisconsin. All great bikes!

Where you'll find me:

Based in Madison but jumping in on a few TT trips this season. Hope to see you out there!