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Meet Laurie Ness, bike tour guide for Trek Travel

Laurie Ness


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Trek Travel Role:


My Passion:

I love traveling and exploring new places and cultures, especially from the seat of my bike. I am passionate about building connections through volunteer work with people and animals. I also enjoy nordic skiing, trail running, getting my hands dirty in the garden, pretty much anything outdoors.

My Favorite Ride:

A fully self-supported, solo bike tour in Norway. The feeling of having all I needed on my bike was liberating. I loved not knowing what was around the next corner, and after getting around that corner, there was always a mind-blowing view which helped me get through the next climb.

In My Previous Life:

Nurse and Massage therapist


BS - Nursing, College of St. Benedict, MN

Guiding Since:


Current Home:

Bend, Oregon



My Rides:

Road: Trek Madone, Cyclocross: Vulture, Bikepacking adventures: Salsa Fargo, and for special occasions my grandfather's Schwinn cruiser.

Where you'll find me:

California Wine Country